Our cheeses

All our cheeses are vegan, dairy-free and full of plant goodness. All our cheeses contain cashew nuts.


Cultured and full of nutty goodness. Culturing is the fermentation process that gives our Cashew Cream Cheeses the familiar cheesy taste and packs it full of probiotic goodness.


Our original cream cheese. The versatile cream cheese is a great staple for a classic cream cheese bagel with jam, baking and cooking.


The classic dill, garlic and chives in this cream cheese are a combination made in heaven. Great herbaceous flavours that elevate any toast.


A special flavour experience with miso and whole cumin seeds. Great with (vegan) pastrami or topped on fried mushrooms and more


Fresh lemon zest, cracked black pepper and fragrant garlic make this cream cheese a great spread or topping. More than cream cheese, Zesty is a great substitute for sour cream or aioli in many meals.


Our hard cheese range convinces not just vegan and dairyfree folks. They are best enjoyed on a platter or as a thick slice on your sandwich and they can be grated easily. Sonntag hard cheeses are made from cashew milk, gluten-free flours such as rice and tapioca flour and coconut oil.

Cumin Gouda

The winner of the Vegan Cheese Award 2022 in the category of "Best Flavoured Cheese". The judges said it best: Cumin covered beautiful. Flavour well balanced. Brilliant on a cheese board. Well-toned, with mass appeal.


Our most popular cheese by far, this sliceable hard cheese has a well deserved spot on any cheese board. The careful balance of smokey flavours and paprika bring a special flavour to your breakfast table: sliced on a sandwich or grated in your breakfast burrito.


You can us at a few Farmers Markets in Auckland and find select Sonntag cheeses at:
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